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Since 2004, The Concrete Countertop Institute has been dedicated to helping our students succeed. Every day, we help students all over the world achieve knowledge, confidence and success making artistic concrete creations.


Alumni Success Stories

View all of our alumni success stories, or click each photo below for that alum’s success story.

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outdoor kitchen concrete countertop polished concreteworks olympia WA Price Concrete Studio concrete countertops FL cci student concrete countertop Nate Keida upstate NY cci student concrete countertop gerry maurer PA
cci student concrete countertop tamika craan haiti cci student concrete countertop duncan susag tacoma cci student concrete countertop peter cicalo NJ cci student concrete countertop tom lancaster TX
cci student concrete countertop peter bennett NSW cci student concrete countertop lawrence missakian CA cci student concrete countertop joe jackson NJ cci student concrete countertop roy thornburg PA
cci student concrete countertop tony angell MN cci student concrete countertop jake creighton MN cci student concrete countertop andrew lash FL cci student concrete countertop lenny Cushing NH
cci student concrete countertop finland matti mannonen cci student concrete countertop brad dykema MI cci student concrete countertop terry wilson Cayman


Video Testimonials

CCI training provides a firm foundation for success, teaching both how and why, so that you can confidently make a quality product. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our students think about CCI training:





2-Day GFRC class “Pro/101“:

5-Day Precast & GFRC class “Ultimate“:

Precast and GFRC training:

GFRC training:


Written Testimonials

Need more convincing? Read a few of the hundreds of testimonials below, from over a decade 100% dedicated to delivering excellent training.

“One of the most informative courses I have ever been in. Worth the money. Jeff and Lane are a great resource and are obviously passionate about the concrete countertop industry as a whole.”

Russ, PEI Canada



“Your course was really informative and the proverbial light bulbs were constantly going off. Not having to reinvent the wheel again was a huge thing for me. You understand the product and how it works and were able to translate that effectively. It rejuvenated my interest in concrete. I am excited about the upcoming year and what impact your course and the knowledge that I obtained from it will bring.”

Ryan, Trinidad


“Taking the Ultimate Concrete Countertop Class was the defining point of my business success. I learned so many things and tricks that you don’t find easily online. What I love the most is that I learned how to make amazing concrete stuff from scratch, no premix bag. I feel like I’m really doing something spectacular. I haven’t regretted this decision once. The best part is that Jeff hasn’t stopped helping me even after the classes. Whenever I get a project, I send him an email and he makes sure to answer every single question I have. I would attend any other classes CCI offers in a heart beat.”

Tamika, Haiti


“The class provided rich hands-on training based on a thorough knowledge of materials, procedures  and  experience; enriched with very important and practical pointers from the CCI team, that they have collected from years of experience .
Especially, seemingly small tricks and insights are often difficult and costly to develop on your own.
Then there is the enthousiasm of Jeff and Lane to share their knowledge and experience in a well-organized place that invites all of the participants to explore and question every aspect of the training.
I was very impressed with their instruction and hospitality skills to organize the course in an unforgettable way.
The added bonus is the free membership, with zero cost to access to their webinars, high quality information on the website and blogs and even personal contact information. It gives me the feeling that the Master is always nearby to assist me if I need him.”

Jan, Aruba


“Really appreciate all of the collateral material you guys provided. Your class still provides me with valuable lessons and I am very glad I attended. You have more than proven yourself to me as a teacher and service provider.”

Matt, MI


“Thanks so much for your information, your knowledge is such a tremendous help! Taking your class was by far the single best investment I have ever made and the continued assistance is truly priceless. You guys are fantastic and I’m forever grateful to have you as part of my business team.”

Chris, NH


“Jeff answers all questions with an ability to go deeply and confidently into the subject. In a few short days my insight into this industry has become much deeper and my confidence has doubled because of that knowledge.”

Dave, PA


“I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great course and how much I enjoyed the whole experience. It was so much more, on every level than I was expecting and hoping for.

I’m really happy to have learnt some of your techniques and have great respect for your approach, an attitude I’ll be endeavouring to maintain throughout my own efforts…knowing what we are doing and why we’re doing it and keeping things as simple and easy as possible.

Demystifying how concrete works, making it well and finishing it for our purposes was what I really wanted to get out of this but I came away with so much more, the most significant for me being how to stand on my own two feet and then take and keep control of my product/business. That was something you guys did really well, which I really appreciate.

Everything Lane did with us too was great. Just such an eye opener. Without knowing what I’ve now learnt, from both of you, I would have probably floundered business wise.

It was good to go out for dinner with you all and get to know everyone and the food you put on during training was fantastic.”

Nick, Queensland, Australia


“I feel that in 3 days I went from knowing only a few concepts of GFRC to having enough knowledge to start fabricating. Jeff has a vast knowledge of GFRC fabrication. His presentation of methods, backed up with “why” they are done that way, will prove to be invaluable in my endeavors with concrete countertops.”

Tim, OH


“The class filled in all of the gaps in information I was missing. This class provided me with the easy to understand knowledge to feel very confident about future work. Well worth the investment. Jeff and Lane were great hosts.”

Peter, NJ


“To all those interested in the art of concrete: STOP. Put down the bag of concrete or the book from the library or the trowel and contact CCI. This is the most comprehensive class you will find. The facilities and accommodations are absolutely first rate. The knowledge you get from CCI will prevent years of frustration. The complexities of this art form are entirely too intense and numerous for a trial and error system. Just bite the bullet and enroll in a class now.”

Nathan, TN


“First of all I would like to thank you for having the vision and guts to put together this program. I have been so impressed with everything you have put together and the dedication and professionalism of everyone at CCI. It has been evident from my first contact with you and your people that you have a passion for what you do and a crystal clear understanding of this industry and where it could go.

I am blown away with the amount of information I gained in only 5 days, not only on the technical aspects but the business side as well. Every question I had was answered and more. The class size was perfect to learn from others and still not get lost in the crowd.

The fact that interation and creative input is so encouraged is refreshing, and I am impressed by the knowledge and willingness to teach and help by everyone at CCI whether or not they are involved in the production process.

It is by far the most I have learned in 5 days and my plans are to become a big player in this industry, with your help and teaching I have no doubt it will happen. With your willingness to help us after we have all gone home and the new ideas you are creating we have no excuse not to succeed.

Thank you for everything.”

Perry, IA


“I want to say a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you at CCI. I have appreciated how readily you are all willing and able to help me. I know that I tend to ask quite a few questions and value the fact that you always answer the phone or respond to my e-mails.”

Erik, CA

“While on the way home, I went over the things I learned in Jeff’s class, and the best way to describe my experience there is this… I thought that I needed this class because I figured I had about 20% of the knowledge about concrete countertops. Well, Jeff taught me the other 80% that I needed to get started in my own business, and in the process he showed me that half of what I thought I knew was wrong!! Thanks CCI – this has been a great class, and you haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Davis, MS

Joe Riley “This
class is, by far, the most intensive, useful and practical trade class
I have ever taken. The projects we got to actually work on, techniques
learned, and take home materials that we were given are superb. TAKE
THIS CLASS if you want to perfect concrete countertops! ”

Joe, FL


Pro GFRC concrete countertops class photo December 2014
December 2014
Pro GFRC Class
“A GREAT CLASS – A GREAT EXPERIENCE! True to my previous online experience, Jeff/CCI was very thorough and giving of information and demonstration of technique. The experience was beneficial to the creative as well as the technically minded.” – Richard, TX”I would recommend this class to anyone interested in really learning about the make-up of concrete, using it and understanding its characterisitcs – extremely thorough class!” – Jason, PA”The GFRC class was very thorough and technical. It was great to learn about how easy it is to make a mix from scratch.” – Tiimo, CO

“The class was great. It gave me new ways to look at concrete and what it can be used for. I highly recommend this class, you won’t be disappointed.” – Barry, NC

“I just completed the GFRC class, which is my third class at CCI, and in each class I felt so thoroughly taught with how precise the instruction was. With all the new technology and admixtures we used to make the product, I felt very enriched and familiar with the new material taught. Being a high school masonry teacher for 29 years, and being within the masonry field for 38 total years, it felt very good being a student once again. Participating in Jeff’s classes has not only helped me with my trade, but has also shown me new skills with his enthusiasm; it has helped me with my own classes, with Jeff’s teaching methods reflecting upon me, that I may now give back to my students. As I will be retiring from the school system next year, for my 30 years of teaching, I will use some of the skills and techniques Jeff has taught me to pursue my own business for the rest of my life.” – Jeff, NC


class photo October 2013
October 2013
Ultimate Class
“I came into this class with basic knowledge of concrete countertops. After the class I feel I have the confidence to make a real business.” – Student, KS”I have attended 5 other hands-on decorative concrete courses other than this one. This one was the best training. Thank you Jeff and Lane.” – Brian P., AL

“This was absolutely the best business investment I could have made. I feel that I will now experience far fewer obstacles because I now have not only the skill-set, but also the support to overcome/troubleshoot whatever I encounter.” – Caleb L., FL

“The Ultimate Class gave me great insight into the concrete countertop industry, both the manufacturing and business ends. I now feel confident in my success as a concrete countertop professional.” – John C., MD

“This class was extremely informative. I am much more confident in the product I am producing after watching and hearing Jeff reaffirm what I felt was great info.” – Brett C., Ontario, Canada

“As far as I’m concerned, this would be the only course for someone who wants to start a viable concrete countertop business.” – Jonathan T., Alberta, Canada

“I would say that this was the most informative training class I have attended. Jeff was willing to help us achieve our goals and told us through his experience ‘what not to do’ so we start out without having to try things that don’t work.”  – Jim S., NY

“Everything was explained in full detail and gave me a much better understanding of sealers and the other products.” – Steven K., NY

“Useful. Time saving. Informative… and therefore lucrative. Thanks.” – Student, Trinidad

“Money well-spent. This class gave me the foundation for an amazing new path to follow.” – Dylan M., MD

“The class delivered to my expectations. I learned the proper use of the various concrete products. I now understand what is and isn’t necessary to make a quality product. I don’t have to depend on salesmen and websites to try to get me to buy more proprietary and highly marked-up products I don’t need.” – Bruce D., SD


Ultimate class Australia Feb 2013
February 2013
Ultimate Class – Sydney, Australia
“Jeff’s knowledge of the technical/chemical process is far superior to any other instructor that I have met. This is backed up by an excellent practical ability.” – Dallas”Just loved it!” – Pete

“Excellent class, highly informative and plenty to learn.” – Shaik

“The class has provided me with the confidence to make & sell concrete items.” – Gino

“I have learned how to do things with concrete that I thought were not possible.” – Steve

“Gave me a wide knowledge range of ideas. Much better than any other course I have done before. Thanks!!” – Brett

“This class is of the highest standard that I have ever attended. I feel that I can expand my business opportunities now.” -Damian

“The team of Jeff and Lane provided me with the most informative information on GFRC and Marketing I could have imagined. Thank you.” – Stephen

“Hold on to your hat & concentrate because you are about to be armed with all you need to make truely high quality concrete/GFRC products!!!” – Robert

“Very easy to understand. Never felt uncomfortable coming to the class with no knowledge and Both Lane and Jeff are so approachable with all questions.” – Dean

“I have worked with concrete/stone extensively over the last 25 years after the 5 day course with Jeff & Lane I quickly realized that I didn’t know as much about concrete as I thought. I now have the confidence to explain to my clients the endless potential of concrete & GFRC and why. Amazing experience 6 stars.” – Terry


Ultimate class Oct 2012October 2012
Ultimate Class
“Thank you Jeff and Lane for such an in depth class from templating to marketing. Everything has been an absolute value. You guys made me feel at home, when I was so far from (home) and I appreciate that it went beyond the classroom. THANK YOU.” – Shane, Australia”By far the most informative & enjoyable training, I’ve ever attended. Jeff and Lane are not only extremely knowledgable, they are fantastic people to work with. I would recommend CCI hands down to anyone interested.” – Chris, NH

“Great Class, great people, a must to have the confidence to forge ahead, with your business and be successful” – Randy, NY

“I would highly recommend CCI’s Ultimate Class to anyone interested in concrete production as a profession. Jeff has condensed over 10 years of knowledge and experience into a highly informative week. I left knowing that I had made a great decision and investment by choosing CCI.” – Stephen, WA

“I as surprised how Jeff made EVERYTHING more simple from templating to sealing. My two biggest concerns about the class were marketing &scaling. Jeff eased my mind about sealing and although I’m dreading marketing Lane made it much easier for me to grasp.” – Ted, TN

“A plethora of USEFUL knowledge through hands on to lecture. As a general contractor this course gave me not only a great weapon to add to my arsenal but also many other wonderful ideas that relate to all other construction.” – Kurt, WY



Brad D “The
knowledge of Jeff’s civil engineering has helped me better understand
the importance of proper reinforcing and quality mix design to
influence the quality of your finished products.”

Brad, MI

lot of good info behind the methods used. Jeff didn’t just say “do it
this way”, he explained in a technical yet easy to understand way.”

Bill, WA
Brian M “This
class is great! It provides a solid technical base for someone
interested in concrete countertops. These guys know their stuff.”

Brian, IL

“The whole thing is very comprehensive and Jeff does a
great job. His knowledge and ability to communicate are very
impressive. Another plus- The whole week was a lot of fun. Thanks
guys!” – Robin, TX

Robin, TX

Brian W “The
attention to detail that Jeff and Brad have provided in this class is
much higher than in any other course that I have taken.”

Brian, ON

“This class has
eliminated possibly years of failure through trial and error, along
with boosting profit by explain & showing the best & efficent
& cost effective way to run a business.”

Troy, WI

Evan “CCI
training is well worth the time and money invested. It gave me a jump
start into concrete work and the confidence to move forward in the

Evan, MD

“Highly recommend this
class for the individual who wants to produce a quality product. Jeff
gave me the training so thorough I really have confidence in the
product I will produce.”

Dan, CO

Jessie C “I thought I knew a lot about concrete until I came to this class. I have saved years of frustration.”

Jessie, MO

“I have been monitoring
the countertop industry for years. After attending CCI I will say that
Jeff is the premier countertop resource.”

Andy, ME

Keith C “I am very impressed with the information that Jeff covered in this class, especially mix design.”

Keith, GA

“I would highly recommend
this class for anyone starting out in the concrete countertop
business…great for learning various new techniques.”

Matt, TN

Mariusz “I
have cast concrete before but nowhere near the quality that CCI taught
me. This course should be #1 on your starter kit list!”

Mariusz, NJ

“I came to this class
with a hazy view on building concrete countertops and over the past
week I have seen the light and I am now crystal clear and confident
that I can make some super pieces.”

Jessica, VA

Jeff G “I have the confidence to make a countertop, sink, and furniture using the processes that I learned at CCI.”

Jeff, MI

“CCI is the Harvard of concrete countertop training. I have no doubt I can go home and produce a top-quality product.”

Della, NC

Tom “With CCI training, my dog could make concrete countertops!”

Tom, MO

“It would have taken
years of experimenting & testing to achieve the knowledge learned
in four days. Now, with confidence in the structural integrity of my
products, I am able to focus more design, color and creativity.”

Justin, AL

Dan “This was a great class that was well-organized, with an outstanding instructor.”

Dan, NC

“Jeff really knows this
industry. This is way more than an ‘artistic’ or ‘how-to’ class. It
explains necessary, structural facts that you need to know in order to
make a product that not only looks good but lasts.”

Jason, GA

Michael S “I got much more than I expected out of this class, both in quality and quantity.”

Michael, VA

“I thought the class
was excellent. I tried on my own first, and decided to come to class. I
don’t think most people could succeed in this business without this

Todd, NC

Scott D “The information from the classes has given me a new confidence in my ability to make functional concrete countertops.”

Scott, FL

“Jeff is a natural-born
teacher as well as an accomplished artisan, which is rare. The
engineering foundation for the course and approach is just perfect, in
my opinion.”

Don, NY

Andy W “Thanks for another great course. I am very appreciative of what CCI does for me and the industry.”

Andy, OH

“I learned not just
how to do things but why we should do them a specific way. This has
been the most thorough seminar I have attended.”

Travis, OR


More about training at the Institute:

“The class lived up to my expectations. Jeff is extremely pleasant to listen to and understand. His ability to communicate the specifics and details is superior in the industry.” – Matt, OK

“Course was awesome. Techniques were demonstrated and communicated very well. Very impressed with everything I got from this class.” – Jeff, Newfoundland

“The class was very comprehensive. Jeff did an excellent job of teaching various techniques of mold making, uses of GFRC, and pigment coloring. The class is a springboard for success in counter top making as well as utilizing our creativity in thinking outside the norm.” – George, TX

“Very informative. Covered a wide scope of techniques and styles to have a good foundation to get started.” – Calvin, Alberta

“The course exceeded my expectations. Professionally run and lots of backup information in the manuals. Everything you need to get started working with GFRC.” – Brian, Alberta

“This class has removed any apprehension that I may have had. It has fully prepared me to be successful. In addition, it has provided a jump start that will greatly reduce the learning curve.” – Barry, NC

“This class gave me confidence. I was able to see and do many different techniques of applications and finishes.” – Chris, AL

“The class provided insight into a complete concrete countertop business. Jeff and Lane are knowledgeable professionals and excellent instructors.” – Ben, GA

“Best $4,000 dollars I’ve ever spent” – Tim, CO

“The Concrete Countertop Institute is an excellent source of knowledge regarding concrete countertops. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in the field.” – Jacob, CO

“The presentation and order of material is perfect. I am very thankful you covered “Concrete 101″ at the end of Day 4 and not Day 1. It gave us ample time to experience the material and to have an understanding of what was going on. I never felt like this was a scripted class and that is perfect! You both obviously speak from a lot of experience and knowledge gained from actually doing every aspect of this business. On Day 1, I knew this was a solid investment and I have gained 4 more days of reassurance that I made the correct choice.” Bentley, TN

“I’ve been working with precast concrete for years. I got introduced to Terruzzo processing 6 years ago and when we bought our first house I did my own countertops and decided to keep going. I watched a lot of videos but Jeff’s training really just made a big impression on me. That’s what gave me the confidence to turn this into a business.” – Jonathan, OR

“CCI has given me a new way to create and customize concrete countertops and has highlighted to me how endless the possibilities are for concrete countertops.” – Christopher, NC

“Jeff and Lane included us in the learning and discussions and never talked down to us. They added a lot of personal lessons learned and stories to help make the point and make it memorable. Great flow to the class.” – Steve, CO

“Wish I would have signed up before the painful and expensive process of doing it wrong.” – Jarrad, WA

“The Ultimate class was an amazing overall picture of what it looks like to effectively manufacture and create custom concrete, as well as set up and run a profitable business in this industry. Very helpful for me and my employees to attend.” – Eamon, NC

“Last year I took the Buddy Rhodes class with CCI. Now I took the Ultimate class and I’m ready to combine the knowledge learned and put it into practice on my new business. Additionally, the business/marketing input is great and will help me with this new venture.” – Ernesto, Venezuela

“Jeff filled in a lifetime of scattered information I gained by working with concrete and studying trade journals. There are many bits and pieces of information about concrete, but most sources don’t connect all the bits and pieces. Thank you for taking the time to make this course available.” – Adam (NC)

“Great class. Great knowledge. Worth the time.” – Oliver (Mexico)

“Starting from scratch with no experience, I now feel I can go out and immediately build a concrete countertop to a customer’s satisfaction.” – Keith (AL)

“I came to learn the basics, but I came away with a very in depth and specific knowledge that gives me the confidence to make countertops or whatever I want out of the material. I’m very impressed with my time spent here.” – Monty (WI)

“I feel confident enough to get started with my business tomorrow.” – Jason (TX)

“As a granite and quartz countertop fabricator, we will now be able to service those customers who are set on concrete as their countertop choice. Because of Jeff’s instruction, I am 100% confident that we can immediately add concrete to our current countertop surface offerings.” – Jordan (IN)

“With the knowledge based learned this week, I have no reservations about jumping right in. Thank you!” – Eric (NY)

“This class isn’t just recommended, it’s mandatory for success.” – Garin (GA)

“Jeff was very knowledgeable and translated it well to all levels of experience.” – Dan (NY)

“Before the course, I had no knowledge or experience in terms of carpentry or anything of the sort, but now I am very confident that I can make pretty much anything out of concrete.” – Sean (Trinidad & Tobago)

“Very professional training in all aspects of concrete fabrication, sales and marketing. Wish I had taken the course sooner.” – Ward (MI)

“Coming into this with little knowledge of concrete, I feel I have been given a great deal of useful and practical knowledge that extends far beyond concrete. Not only has Jeff outlined the best way to make any creation, but also did it in a way that, if done to these standards, creates the habits needed for success.” – Frank (PA)

“When I got here Monday I was completely lost, but Jeff wrapped everything up on the final day!” – Lin (NC)

“Jeff and CCI laid-out all the information I needed to fully understand the ins and outs of concrete countertop manufacture, marketing, installation and upkeep.” – Troy (MS)

“We did a great job of managing our time this week. There was a feeling throughout of efficiency and precision about the flow of the class- time well spent!” – Charlie (NC)

“Jeff and Lane provided a very detailed and comprehensive training experience. I was impressed by the depth of technical knowledge provided and the opportunity to get hands on experience on several different pieces.” – Keith (Trinidad & Tobago)

“Top class instructors. 10/10” – John (UK)

“Not having a ton of experience when I started, I feel confident after the training that I can not only operate a profitable business, but also deliver a high quality top-end product.” – Carl (OH)

“At first I thought the class was a bit expensive, but with the knowledge of Jeff and Lane, very much worth it. A good investment to get into the business, and may attend another class in the future once I’ve practiced enough on my own.” – Brendan (NH)

“I have attended concrete trraining all over America. Jeff is the only one who leaves you with a knowledge of your product.” – Jim (CO)

“Jeff and Lane deliver a well-planned and execute a very professional instructional class.” – Bryan (FL)

“Very, very professional approach, inspring, and you can tell that with Jeff’s engineering background nothing is left for granted. Everything that was taught in this class was taught and re-taught, checked and double-checked. No surprises. Thanks for everything!” – Georges (Quebec, Canada)

“Tons of knowledge toward the making of concrete, but also the inside edge on pricing, project management and the ins and outs of the business.” – Jason (Quebec, Canada)

“I think there is no better place to start a busines in concrete countertops than at CCI. The knowledge you get in this course is beyond expectations. Love it!” – Jorge (Domincan Republic)

“CCI’s training has provided me the knowledge and confidence to produce top-quality concrete products.” – Mark (Ontario, Canada)

“If you’re looking to learn how to make GFRC the right way, this is the place to do it. Great knowledge to be drawn from this course.”  – Daniel (Colombia, S.A.)

“This class was very useful in over-all… from the shop to marketing!” – Eudes (MD and West Africa)

“My sincere thank you to the entire staff at CCI for a truly rewarding learning experience. I now go forward with a greater confidence to perform at a level that my clients deserve and demand. I am proud to be a part of the CCI family!” – Dave (NJ)

concrete training fire pit

“To understand this medium well, I highly recommend CCI.” – Brent (WV)

“Jeff really represents his craft in a professional manner and I know I will be able to take these skills with me every day.” – Ryan (WV)

“I am very happy with the class and will be taking Advanced Forming soon.” – Matthew (CO)

“Being rather new to concrete,  I feel that I have the knowledge to succeed in this business.” – Trevor (Manitoba, Canada)

“I really enjoyed taking this class. I met great guys, from all over, with different ideas about concrete and that was a nice experience. Also, Jeff and Lane were really good in providing all the information you need to start-up or grow your business. Thanks guys!” – Sam (MA)

“Class was great! Non-stop technical information and being pushed to the edge!” – Darren (NC)

“The class helped me refine my craft and push my knowledge of concrete to the next level. I have two different kitchen and bath showrooms carrying my bath vanity sinks. Both have had so-so experience with a previous concrete fabricator in the past; so I felt they were a bit hesitant at first when I pitched to them, but both places were blown away when they saw the sample sinks I brought to the meeting. The common response, before I said a word, was, “WOW! I have seen concrete before, but I didn’t know it could be so nice and refined.” I truly believe the reason my work always gets a great response from people is because I have had the proper training. Even though there is always more to learn, at least I have a solid foundation to build upon when I explore and create in the future.”  – Peter (NJ)

“It cuts out on a LOT of initial learning and mistakes that would otherwise be made, giving you a very solid understanding to start developing your skills.” – Richard (Kent, United Kingdom)

“Going into the 2-day GFRC class, I didn’t know a thing about it, and had very little knowledge of concrete in general. The class provided everything I needed to know to get started.”  – Terry (Ontario, Canada)

“The course made a huge leap in ability to produce production pieces right from the start.”  – Greg (BC, Canada)

“If I had applied the stills I learned in my traditional concrete business (foundations, driveways, etc.), then I would have failed in making a well-engineered countertop. The class provided all the information necessary to produce a professional product.”  – John (FL)

“I went from having to rely on pre-mixed concrete to making my own mixes from scratch. Thus having more control over the finished product while also bring down the cost.” – Lawrence (CA)

“Through my experiences, after the class with Jeff, I have saved myself countless hours of excess labor, materials and have provided my customers with an overall superior product thanks to his class.”  – Kurt (OH)

“In one week the class helped me learn the smaller details that you can only learn over years of years of experience.”  – Mitchell (ACT, Australia)

“I use the literature at least once a week as a reference guide. The sealer knowledge was worth the price of the class alone; thus far, I have no callbacks (knock on wood!). I am regularly using all of the forms on the CDs, from checklists, to contracts, to estimates and pricing. The hands-on portion helped me build confidence in some areas where I was unsure of myself. Following Lane’s marketing advice has definitely gotten me business with some designers and showrooms. Most importantly Jeff’s advice on projects provides a perfect crutch to give me the motivation to take on the projects that scare me. Lots was learned in class, many questions were answered, I learned new techniques, and most importantly I enjoy the support when I need some. Thanks CCI!”  – Bruce (SD)

“Class with Jeff and Lane gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to start creating concrete countertops that I can proudly sell.”  – Nathan (NY)

“I’ve been to 3 different CCI classes, plus two of my men attended a class and it is constantly referred to. For every casting we still use our CCI concrete calculator (it’s what my guys ask for when we have something to make and I email it to them on their phones). Plus Jeff is always available to help with new problems that come up. Conditions are not always the same, and who has time to experiment, so we ask Jeff and he guides us in safely and effectively.”  – Joe (NJ)

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and the class was an excellent experience from both a theoretical, but even more, as a hands-on learning perspective.”  – Jeffrey (OH)

“After working with concrete for 15 years and manufacturing concrete countertops for 3 years, the methods Jeff taught us will save time and will also improve our over-all quality!” – Student (PA)

“It was a great course and would recommend to others.” – Randy (Alberta, Canada)

“This was what I was looking for… my confidence is back. My motivation is at a new height. I wish I would have made this decision a long time ago!!!” – Student (OH)

“I came into this class with basic knowledge of concrete countertops. After the class I feel I have the confidence to make a real business.” – Student (Kansas)

“I have attended 5 other hands-on decorative concrete courses other than this one. This one was the best training. Thank you Jeff and Lane.” – Brian P. (AZ)

“This was absolutely the best business investment I could have made. I feel that I will now experience far fewer obstacles because I now have not only the skill-set, but also the support to overcome/troubleshoot whatever I encounter.” – Caleb L. (FL)

“The Ultimate Class gave me great insight into the concrete countertop industry, both the manufacturing and business ends. I now feel confident in my success as a concrete countertop professional.” – John C. (MD)

“This class was extremely informative. I am much more confident in the product I am producing after watching and hearing Jeff reaffirm what I felt was great info.” – Brett C. (Ontario, Canada)

“As far as I’m concerned, this would be the only course for someone who wants to start a viable concrete countertop business.” – Jonathan T. (Alberta, Canada)

“I would say that this was the most informative training class I have attended. Jeff was willing to help us achieve our goals and told us through his experience ‘what not to do’ so we start out without having to try things that don’t work.” – Jim S. (NY)

“Everything was explained in full detail and gave me a much better understanding of sealers and the other products.” – Steven K. (NY)

“Useful. Time saving. Informative… and therefore lucrative. Thanks.” – Student (Trinidad)

“Money well-spent. This class gave me the foundation for an amazing new path to follow.” – Dylan M. (MD)

“The class delivered to my expectations. I learned the proper use of the various concrete products. I now understand what is and isn’t necessary to make a quality product. I don’t have to depend on salesmen and websites to try to get me to buy more proprietary and highly marked-up products I don’t need.” – Bruce D. (SD)

“This is the best investment I made for my business. I now feel fully confident that I can produce a quality product for my customers.” – Nathan S. (NC)

“Jeff and Lane have provided me with absolutely all the knowledge I need to get my concrete countertop business started and operational. Great class!” – Joe V. (MI)

“A very technical insight into the how and why of concrete. A course definitely worth doing.” – Richard P. (England)

” It was not a product push. It was very straight froward with a lot of facts and reasons for things. Not just ‘Do it my way’.” – Danny M. (MI)

“This class provided me with the knowledge to start a very solid business. Jeff and Lane really made me feel at home and I would recommend this class to anyone interested in making serious concrete.” – Nathan K. (Sauquoit, NY)

“This class has offered clear and concise instructions on how I can fabricate and market high-quality concrete.” – Christopher R. (Barbados)

“The Ultimate Class answered many questions I had before and provided new ideas that created even more questions that were answered. I look forward to applying my new skills.” – Todd

“This class gave me a big head start and confidence to go home and take on projects right away.” – Mark

“Class is a great detailed overview of the fundamentals and process of fabrications concrete countertops for the purpose of making $.” – Travis

“This class was great! It was nice to get another view of concrete countertops besides reading a bunch of text online. Great hands on experience. I definitely recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn how to make amazing countertops with concrete. Jeff ad Lane are awesome!!” – Tamika

“Truly appreciate the unbiased reasons for using particular products and materials. Grateful you weren’t selling anything.” – Mitch

“With the Ultimate Class workshop I feel it provided me with the knowledge and education I would need to produce concrete countertops and GFRC products with a lot more confidence. The things I have learned will help me be able to produce a better product than if I was to learn a lot on my own.” – John

Class was very informative and insightful toward the complexity of countertop construction. Very helpful with instilling confidence in me to move forward with concrete tops.” – Jared

“This was a very thorough and well rounded course in GFRC countertops. Jeff fully explains why you do things a certain way and shows you how to avoid the pit falls when producing GFRC countertops.” -Richard

“Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn about GFRC for your business or if you want to do a home project.” – Rhett

“This class was everything I had hoped for, and makes me want to come back for other classes.” – Alben “I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get involved or further their skills with the material. Very hands on. Feed the students well!” – T.J.

“Jeff provides great practical hands on knowledge. I’m looking forward to using his insight on my next project.” – Eric

“I came to Raleigh with a lot of trepidation when it comes to countertops. Jeff fixed that. Jeff is not flash. I say that in the best way possible! I’ll take knowledge over flash any day! Thanks!” – Scott

“I only had watched videos and read articles on concrete. I wouldn’t have been as successful and would have been frustrated had I not taken the classes. The business and marketing section was very appreciated as well. Thank you.” – Darcy

“I enjoyed the class and am ready to put it to use. Learned so much about GFRC and why it works, not just the how. I feel much more confident about being successful with this. Will be taking more classes in future to expand my knowledge.” – Zach

“Jeff and Lane put on fantastic learning events. The information provided during the class is instrumental in running a successful concrete countertop business.” – Casey

“This has opened doors to a new career opportunity for me. It lets me be creative to use my hands and mind always challenging me to find other uses for this product to share with future clients.” – Bob

“Jeff and Lane sincerely care about my success and it shows in their attitude and education, thanks Jeff and Lane.” – David

“With the classes I have attended it has given me the confidence with I have been trying to attain. This has moved me into making a decision to make decorative concrete a primary business. The classes have shortened my learning curve. Great!” – Robert

“No matter what your skill level is with concrete or decorative concrete or concrete countertops I can safely say a student will learn enough in the class to make the time and money investment worth it.” – David



“Before this class I had a few potential countertop clients. I was hesitant to give an estimate because I didn’t feel confident in my abilities. After this class I feel I am more confident I can create a more consistent product. I am now looking forward to GFRC projects.” – Mike

“Great class, highly recommended” – Michael

“The course provides an ideal blend of classroom and hands-on time. There’s always an opportunity to be either listening to advice, working with concrete/tools, or asking questions. High value for inputted time.” – Dale

“This is a wonderful learning tool for GFRC above my expectations for what we learned. The hands on experience you can never get by watching a video or reading a book. The knowledge and experience along with all the insight and tips was way beyond any of my expectations. I can’t wait to learn more.” – Marcy

“The class was very well taught. I learned a lot of new techniques. I am very comfortable now to make and sell countertops. This course gave me the confidence to be able to do so. Thanks!” – Dale

“This class provided me with not only knowing how to do things a certain way but why to do them that way. And in doing so that knowledge I can also carry into other aspects of decorative concrete.” – Pete

“Total 1,000% comprehensive countertop education from casting table, mix design, GFRC to sealers and everything in between. CCI is the most comprehensive countertop education in the industry. I checked out other classes and they did not even come close to Jeff Girard’s class. The return on investment of the five day class far outweighs the cost.” – Mac

“Really good, technical class that makes you understand concrete so you can customize it to your application.” – Eric

“Course was very informative, would recommend to anyone in concrete countertop business.” -Andrei

“My experience was excellent, everything that I didn’t understand after reading the book has been explained.” – Brent

“Invaluable. For this medium, this class is a must. You simply can’t get a jump on the learning curve without CCI.” – Nathan

“I have taken a couple different countertop courses. This is by far more bang for the buck. The knowledge and confidence I’m leaving with is unmeasureable.” – Jack

“Great class which gave much more content and information then initially expected. Very well delivered by Jeff and his team. Thank you. Looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice.” – James

“A great fundamental approach to begin your knowledge of concrete countertops. Being hands on is the best way to learn and there is ample opportunity to have a go. Jeff is very approachable and knowledgeable. DO NOT just try and see what happens, do this training.” – Jai

“I feel that Jeff and Lane have provided me with a lot of knowledge with the correct way to template form, mix, casting and finishing my products. I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking to make or already making concrete countertops/products as Jeff is a great teacher.” – Adam

“I’ve attended many courses over the years in the building/construction industry. This would have to be one of the most informative and hands on courses I’ve completed. Highly recommended. Jeff and Lane are great teachers and very likeable people. Thanks again.” – John

“Jeff and Lane are both willing to share any information they have with you and are great hosts.” – Richard

“This was great information about how to engineer customer satisfying countertops.” – Mark

“The business details were integrated in all aspects of the training.This was awesome!”- Andrew

“I’ve always tried to be the best at all I do, so I didn’t want to start making countertops until I knew the right way to make them. Jeff really took the time to show me.”- Branson


“I feel I got a full education on making quality concrete countertops from start to finish as well as how to market and sell them.” – Jon

“Jeff’s knowledge lets you know your structural limitation. I appreciate his patience and willingness to explain every detail.”- Bruce

“These 3 days have saved countless mistakes that I would have made without this class.” – Tom

“Money well spent! I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of concrete countertops.” – Rodd

“Jeff isn’t teaching you how to work with and install his product. He teaches
you to understand concrete and concrete mix design, so you get the
freedom to experiment and make your own. You leave this class being
multidimensional and not stuck with only being able to work with one
product or mix. Well worth the trip.” – Justin, WA state

“Super info, money well spent. The info I received here will make and save me
money, time and useless steps that aren’t needed. Also what works and
what doesn’t.” – Tony

“The CCI met and exceeded
my expectations The staff were all willing and ready to blend their
knowledge into their students and see that they succeed.” – Jason

“I really didn’t know what to expect at the CCI, but I got far more than I
could ever imagine! Thanks Jeff for making it all clear to me.” – Ted

“This course was filled with an abundance of
information that was easy to digest and apply from beginner to the
experienced countertop maker/creator.” – Roman Tome

wealth of knowledge you come away with is amazing. Everything is well
organized which helps the class flow very well.” – Chris

“A great class with top quality staff. I came to learn and that’s exactly
what I did. This is my 2nd trip to NC for training, and I will do it
again as needed. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for
providing me with the knowledge I need to succeed.” – Ray

“There is more than one right way to do concrete countertops but you must have
a usable knowledge base. CCI certainly provides this reference point.
Where you go from there is limitless.” – Chad

“Jeff is a great teacher who is very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to
learn from. All of the staff were really friendly and helpful.” –

“Everyone at the CCI was great.
We received a lot of information in a very clear and simplified way.
Just the right balance of classroom and hands on work. I definitely
would recommend this class to someone else.” – Zack

“Jeff breaks every step down so it can be understood.” – Tony

“Very detailed and well structured and direct. They don’t push their opinion, just the facts of how and why.” – Joel

“This is by far the best training anyone could receive if they want to
produce a high quality countertop. Thank you Jeff for all your help.” –

“CCI offers an excellent opportunity to
learn. Their staff is very professional and personable. Very relaxed
atmosphere in relation to the complexity of the course. The average guy
can visit CCI, feel comfortable, and take away the knowledge and
confidence he needs to create concrete countertops.” – Will

“Your educational background lets me know that I am in the right place. You
have put years of studying into a few days. You have made it so easy
for us as students.” – Matt

“This has been a
very comprehensive class on teaching us not only ‘how’ but also ‘why’
so we can be successful in solving our own problems when they occur
back in the home shop.” – David


“This class is an invaluable tool if you want to be serious about this business. Jeff is
a wealth of knowledge. Thank you.” – Christian

“The knowledge, lessons learned and discussions were well worth the time and money spent taking a custom craft.” – Mike

“The class was all that I expected and more!” – Mark

“This class truly put me on the right path of success.” – Martin

“Very well taught class” – Mike

“Very thorough course. they have the answers to your questions.” – Peter

“One week of education from Mr. Girard will allow me
to produce the highest quality concrete countertops in the industry.” –

“I had been making concrete countertops
for about a year based on another company’s training. I was receiving
no support for issues I was having. Jeff ran a very important class
reinstalling the confidence I had lost and answering, in depth, all my
questions. Thanks again!” – Dan

“This session gave me a great opportunity to learn about the whole process of making
concrete countertops. It was informative and detailed.” – Brad

“The Concrete Countertop Institute’s classes were the most informative
concrete classes that I had ever taken. The hands-on-training was
excellent. I especially like that they have an exceptional support
group for questions at any time.” – Wayne

“I feel that everyone doing countertops should keep up with training and learn
new and innovative ways to do their work. The Concrete Countertop
Institute is hands-down the place to do it!” – John

“Before arriving to class, I had no knowledge of how to make concrete
countertops. After the class and learning all that I have learned, I
believe that I can finish concrete countertops from start to finish
with no difficulty.” – Dave

“Before coming to this class, I had an understanding of concrete. However, being taught
how to build a concrete countertop, I can expand my business into
another direction. This was a great learning experience and I would
recommend it to others.” – Geno

“After coming to the training I have saved more time and money than imaginable. The
training was priceless. Knowing the “how” and “why” gave me the
confidence and reassurance that I could endeavor further into this
great niche of concrete countertop making. Jeff was very informative
and answered any questions you threw at him. They have a very
personable work staff. I can’t wait to come back.” – John

“If you are looking for the best education on concrete countertops, look no
further. You will get much more than you expect. The Concrete
Countertop Institute is it!” – Harry

“The Concrete Countertop Institute was my choice for formal training because
I needed knowledge not a product sales pitch. Now, I know I can make my
own product with consistency and standard that I can bet my company
name on.” – Joanne

“This was a great class that was very thorough and informative.” – Jeff, KY

“As a beginner, I was anxious about buying a concrete countertop business.
After attending The Concrete Countertop Institute, I feel that I have
the skills to build a quality product, and the knowledge to overcome
any problems that might occur.” – Adam, TX

“The class was worth the money. All the knowledge provided will cut down on
the future mistakes. The Sales and Marketing book is a great source on
how to get the word out about your business by people who are a success
in the concrete countertop industry.” – David, SC

“CCI training is well worth the time and money invested. It gave me a jump
start into concrete work and the confidence to move forward in the
industry.” – Evan, MD


“This class covered a complete
range of technical and practical application to concrete countertop and
sink production. It was well-organized and presented in a modern
facility.” – Steve, NM

“I highly recommend the class for
anyone starting in the concrete countertop business. The knowledge of
Jeff’s civil engineering has helped me better understand the importance
of proper reinforcing and quality mix design to influence the quality
of your finished products.” – Brad, MI

“Great to see everyone again, nice as a returning alumni to take another aspect of
concrete, in the learning of . Thank you all!” – Chip Miles

“I have the confidence to make a countertop, sink, and furniture using the
processes that I learned at CCI. My previous knowledge of concrete was
very vague. I know that with practice in our shop we can train
ourselves with CCI as our foundation.” – Jeff, MI

“I have cast concrete before but nowhere near the quality that CCI taught
me. This course should be #1 on your starter kit list!” – Mariusz, NJ

“I thought I knew a lot about concrete until I came to this class. I have saved years of frustration.”
– Jessie, MO

“I am very impressed with the information that Jeff covered in this class, especially mix design.”
– Keith, GA

“This class is great! It provides a solid technical base for someone
interested in concrete countertops. These guys know their stuff. Jeff
and Brad are great at answering any questions you may have, and very
knowledgeable!” – Brian, IL

“The attention to detail that Jeff and Brad have provided in this class is much higher than in
any other course that I have taken. This week paid for itself many
times over, in terms of savings on materials, processes, equipment, and
most importantly avoiding costly errors.” – Brian, Ontario

“More than I expected. Well worth the money!” – Zach, NC

“After attending all the ‘Big Name’ training courses, this by far has been the
best. Jeff is not only taught & demonstrated how, but also
providing engineering & education that supporten his theories on
overall areas of concrete countertop manufacturing. I really enjoyed
getting all the information from an independent source. The CCI does
not sell products, just needed information to be succesful in this
industry. I highly recommend this course & CCI to anyone making
concrete countertops. Thanks for everything!”     – Troy, IA

“An Absolutely excellent class!” – Mike SC

“Very Informative. Lots of technical information not readily available to us
without lots of research. Well worth the costs.” – Darren, Canada

“I am glad I took this course!” – Malcolm, MN

“Great class! I would recommend it to ANYONE. Thanks!” – Ben, NY

“Very Impressive. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to
learn proper technique along with creativity.” – Brad, FL

“Everyone was extremely helpful & nice. Food was great. I felt totally
comfortable asking anyone for anything.” – Brian, TN

“I could not ask for a better class. I have taken confidence that I can
produce a great cast in place countertop. Thanks!” – Dave, CO

“I received, I feel the best overall understanding of how you can achieve
a strong, good quality piece (countertop). Also a deeper understanding
of how concrete is made.” – Carlo, Canada

“CCI has knocked years off my learning curve. Would recommend this class to anyone serious about this business.” – Michael, OH


“Nice facilities with great instruction.” – Blair, TN

“Excellent class, would recommend to anyone interested in learning and doing concrete countertops for a business.” – Gerry, PA

“Great class, very user friendly.” – Jake, FL

“I appreciate the in-depth discussions on engineering principles & theory.” – Larry, FL

“Jeff’s class is excellent for those who want to learn about the business of
manufacturing and installing concrete countertops. It can prevent the
numerous pitfalls that new businesses in this industry can encounter.”
– Alla, Canada

“Jeff told me that this class would take 2-4 years off the learning curve, and now I don’t doubt it at all.” – Douglas, IL

“Excellent instruction, very in depth technical training. A credit to the industry.” – Carl, Canada

“If you want to learn countertops from the ground up, this is the place to come.” – Chad, WI

“A good range of information and ideas. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions.” – Douglas, IL

“CCI provides all the training and information you need to get started.” – John, MI

“This 4 day class gives Jeff ample time to cover all materials and to answer
questions. This is very professional and helpful to start out on the
right track. CCI is not a sales pitch!” – Kevin, IN

“Very pleased with the class, very informative. I now know what I need to
provide high quality products to my customers.” – Michael, KY

“Very pleased with the class curriculum & presentation. Information and
knowledge gained has/will streamline our production.” – Gary, Grand Cayman

“I feel I learned the most professional but yet simplest way to make concrete countertops with no stress.” – John, MA

“CCI provides a great course and learning environment to get people up and
running fast. The course was thorough that taught principles on
structure. quality and aesthics while still keeping business objectives
in mind.” – Curtis, PA

“This was a very informative and
well put together class. I would recommend it to anyone. Jeff really
knows what he is talking about and works with everyone who may have
different experience levels.” – Arthur, VA

“Wish that CCI would have been around years ago. I could have been working for
myself instead of someone else. CCI provides the knowledge needed plus
materials for a start for someone interested in starting a business.” –
Steve, SD

“Jeff does a great job of classroom and
workshop instruction. He breaks up times to allow you to stay focused.
Though Jeff is an engineer, he presents his course in layman terms so
that you understand everything he is doing.” – Greg, PA

“If you think you know how to make concrete countertops, take the course!
It’s not what you think, it’s better!!” – John, Canada

“Very informative.” – Michael, PA


“Jeff’s class gives you the technical background that gives you confidence in your product.” – Andy, NY

“This class was all I could ask for. Intensive training in all aspects of
countertop manufacturing, finishing, and installation.” – Scott, TX

“Having no experience in this field what so ever I now have the confidence of a professional’s standpoint.” – Josh, VA

“Very informative. It’s obvious that Jeff knows and loves what he is doing.
You learn how to apply all other products on the market, not just one.”
– Bjarki, Iceland

“Great class very professional, the
process is explained in detail from A to Z. I recommend it to anyone
who is serious about concrete countertops.” – Sam, PA

“The CCI class provided all of the necessary tools and knowledge for me to
feel confident in the concrete countertop business.” – Kevin, VA

“Great hands on experience. In depth explanation as to why.” – Rick, AL

“Jeff is very passionate about concrete countertops and teaching. He shared
his knowledge on ANY question asked, in a detailed and comprehensive
manner. His approach and method gave me the confidence to pursue this
avenue of decorative concrete.” – Trish, MD

“Being a part of every step from start to finish was very helpful. Training very intense.” -Jerome, TX

“Best workshop I’ve been to. Best part – why, not just how.” – Frank, MD

“A must if serious about countertop construction.” -Keith, FL

“Excellent and detailed information from A to Z. It really gives you all the building blocks for your business.” – Eddy, MD

“The objective of this class is really what is meaningfull: thorough basic
knowledge on the reinforcement and engineering part of it.” – Paolo,
San Juan, PR

“I feel the ‘why’ was truly addressed. The science behind the art was made very clear to me.” – Peter, KS

“A bottom up, comprehensive approach that teaches about the entire
process. You can take the information and go in your own direction,
opposed to just learning a ‘style’. The emphasis on quality and
strength is great.” – Clint, CA

“I know the product that I am creating is of high quality and something I can stand behind with
confidence. The class looks at concrete countertops from the technical
side and Jeff explains not only the what, but the why, which is very
important to me.” – Paul, WI

“Class was great. Very Informative. You guys were great hosts.” – Mike, NJ

“A clear and complete presentation of the entire countertop process, that
was unbiased and motivated only by the desire to properly educate.
Loved it!”  – Roy, PA

“This course gives you more information in five days than any other course I have taken.”  – Joe, NC

“Money well spent!” – Don, TX

“Very informative, great organization! The class was worth attending.” – Tom, NY

“After attending this class, I now have the confidence to make this a
significant part of my business without the worries.” – Mark, OH

“Very comprehensive class, moved at a good pace. I feel that I gained a good
base of knowledge to manufacture a quality product.” – Pete, GA

“Definitely worth every penny!” – Scott, WI

“Well Worth the money!” – Patty, NY

“I thought the class was excellent. I tried on my own first, and decided
to come to class. I don’t think most of people could succeed in this
business without this training.” – Todd, NC

“I’ve learned enough to go back and begin making countertops immediately. The class was very comprehensive.” – Corey, IL

“If you think you know it all, you don’t. You need as much knowledge as you
can get and Jeff’s class definitely helps in fine detail.” – Bill, OH

“I had a great time! Jeff and Lane were very professional and informative!” – Sal, NY

“Extremely happy with class time and teacher. Very open to Q + A.” – Nicholas, NY

“The class has given me the confidence in being able to do my work while
resting assured that my process is a result of through studies and
years of experience. CCI has a step-by-step approach that makes
learning concrete easy and enjoyable. The class is as hands on as it is
technical. Any serious student can appreciate the years worth of
knowledge put into CCI’s classes.” – Jericho, Canada

“I am going home with real confidence that the product I’m making will stand up to regular use and beyond.” – Keith, Canada

“Way more than I had expected. I thought that I was doing quality
countertops until I attended your class. I will now re-configure what I
am presently doing to match the quality of CCI.” – Brooks, AR

“This was a great experience on many levels. I am confident these techniques
will greatly contribute to my success.” – Russell, OK

“Detailed, ground up training in process and techniques. Valuable insight from
Jeff on tried and true methods and the reasons behind them.” – Clint, CA

“I was extremely happy with this class and now I am even more excited to
start my own countertop business because I am more prepared and I know
what to expect.” – Phil, CA

“The knowledge I gained during this past week has saved me valuable time in the trial and error process if I hadn’t attended.”

“The class was very thorough & I feel I learned few more things I needed
to take my product to the next level. I believe I can now produce a
product with versatility to appeal to a wide range of tastes among
high-end clients.”

“I think this class is pretty
complete and covers all areas really well. I feel confident. I can go
& build a countertop next week.”

“Great Experience, Happy I came!”

“I had a great week. Thanks Jeff and Lane, you’re great hosts. I really
feel like I’ll be successful at making my own countertops.”

“I would recommend this class to anyone interested in concrete countertops.”

“I can’t say enough great things about this class. This course gave me
exactly what I wanted and then some. Totally professional. What’s
needed to elevate this craft to the next level.” – Gayle, TX

“I gained confidence!!! A greater knowledge of concrete & process.”

“Jeff and Lane are great. It is easy to see that they care deeply about the trade and the success of their students.”

“Jeff does a great job of explaining the science behind the concrete.” – Mary Ann, PA

“I got confidence! I feel very confident that I can build ctops.” – Brian, AR

“Very informative. I know about 1000 times more than when I started.”

“We learned the technically sound way of doing countertops.” – Pat, Canada

“Advanced Sinks & Molds 202 is my second time at CCI, because the first class
was so informative. I am equally as happy this time.” – Andy, ME

“I’ve never liked reading testimonials, because you never put in a bad one. I
was a little skeptical after reading them but also very excited. I know
now what they are talking about and would recommend this class to
anybody who wants to learn concrete countertops. I believe this is a
basic first step to countertops. You have to know how they work before
you can design. Without proper installation and preparation the best
looking design might not work. I think Jeff is a first class person,
who treats everybody well and knows what he is talking about. CCI is
well run establishment.” – Chris, MI


“I feel I could
make a countertop with confidence even though I’ve never worked with
concrete in any way and I have a much better understanding of the
medium.” – Donna Sue, VA

“I learned the engineering
aspects of concrete. I feel more confortable in trying new mix designs.
Very informative.” – Tommy, TX

“I got a complete
understanding of why and what not just how to build countertops
successfully. Also I like the fact it is understood that there is not
just one way to build as long as the basic structure is understood.” –
Brandon, NC

“Very informative. All my needs were met. Very educational.” – Larry, FL

“Great Class! Superb Atmosphere! Definetly worth the time and money. I feel
like I doubled up on my ability level in 4 days. Great Job!” – Andy, OH

“The knowledge I have gained would have taken years of
failures and success.I know feel I have the confidence to not only do
countertops & the like, but to challenge myself to much higher
levels and to work through and learn from any mistakes.” – Rob, OH

I really appreciate your approach from “knowledge”. -I.e. learning the
whole process from beginning to end, not merely the “hows”, but the
“whys” as well.” – Lane, WA

“The class gave me a high
degree of confidence, to build & install countertops with
consistent results. I feel both the technical knowledge and the sales
& support are very well covered from Lane and Jeff.I expected the
day to seem a little long. But the opposite was true. The hours flew
by. There was always plenty to keep us occupied.” – Keith, MN

“I learned not just how to do things but why we should do them a specific
way. This has been the most thorough seminar I have attended. Teaching
all aspects of the process and not just touching on a few.” – Travis, OR

“It is obvious we were dealing with an all around very knowledgeable,
focused individual. Perfect teaching skills, very thorough and patient
with any question. ” – Aaron, MO

“Overall, class was more technical than I thought. Hands on was very impressive.” – Brian, MO

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. The class was run very professionally
and the knowledge I will take away from this is tremendous!” – Brad, FL

“These classes are extremely under priced for what you get.” – Greg, CA

“This is great program that I look forward to staying in touch with. They are
very helpful in everyway. Great program, great people.” – Vance, FL

“After attending this class I am glad I chose CCI. I think the class was
handled in a very professional manner, yet keeping it a relaxed
atmosphere. I was very comfortable, but still my attention was kept at
a high level. Good Job!” – Randy, PA

“I feel I got a great start to learning countertops. Very informative and through.” – Travis, PA

“I received the best information that I feel is available without too much
confusion. I feel capable to be able to provide cutting edge product
from the beginning.” – Rick, MI

“I now know how to build
a countertop. But I also know what does and doesn’t work. I like the
fact that the way was explained as well as the how.” – Philip, CO

“I received an excellent depth of knowledge on installing countertops and
a good background on why things are done the way they are thought. –
Jason, PA

“The hands on is great. You get a great feel
for how its done and why. Jeff does a great job of teaching and sharing
knowledge.” – Barry, PA

“I now feel comfortable going
home and starting my own countertop business knowing how to produce a
structurally sound, beautiful concrete countertop. After researching
other training classes and getting some how to books & videos, I
felt this was the most complete class I could take. I wanted quality to
be a major part of making countertops, and I believe this class
provides that more than any other.” – Adam, WI