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Knowledge is Power

Now you can get that knowledge in your own shop, without having to travel. These are not slick DVDs or glossy product brochures. They are nuts and bolts, no BS, practical information designed to help you succeed at concrete countertops.

1. Make your first concrete countertop
2. Detailed professional manual 3. Intensive guided self-study
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I want to make my first (successful) concrete countertop:

Level 1: Getting Started (Precast)

Use this course to create your first successful, high-quality concrete countertop using easy to understand step by step instructions and from-scratch ingredients. This is not a coffee table book with a short DVD in the back. It’s a nuts-and-bolts, no-nonsense instruction manual that actually works, and the videos are extensive and detailed.

Warning: The feeling you get from creating a beautiful, functional concrete countertop of your own design is addictive. You may never be the same.

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Jeff Girard first concrete countertop


I want all the details. I want to understand not just how, but why:

Level 2: Detailed Pro (Precast and GFRC)

The manuals contain every step, and the understanding behind every step, of basics, sealers and precast concrete countertop manufacturing. Plus, get the entire Comprehensive GFRC Self-Study package including textbook and videos. You’ll be able to produce high-quality, high-priced concrete countertops that high-income clients will pay for.

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Gray kitchen concrete countertop


I’m ready to start my business. I need intensive training and guidance, but I can’t afford to travel to hands-on training:

Level 3: Intensive Guided (Precast and GFRC)

This program is for professionals who are ready to start their concrete countertop business. You must be ready to invest your time and energy into intensive learning.

Kitchen concrete countertop orange with blue gears embedded

Level 3 includes:

  • Extensive, detailed, live-action videos (7.5 hours!) guiding you through every step from templating to installation
  • The Level 2 Detailed Pro Precast and GFRC course (Value: $495)
  • CCI Membership for one year, including free online training sessions
  • Unlimited personal support directly from Jeff Girard and Lane Mangum via phone and email for one year (Available exclusively to Level 3 and Ultimate students) (Value: $99/month = $1188)
  • Convenient Precast and GFRC Mix Calculators. Each calculator allows you to simply enter the size of your countertop, and it calculates exactly how much of every ingredient, and how many batches, and prints out a batch report. It also allows you to save the batch report for each client. (Value: $79)
  • A 132-page comprehensive guide to marketing and selling concrete countertops, plus a contract, estimating spreadsheet, brochure, architectural specifications and more (Value: $295)
  • A project management course that includes quality checklists and procedures for managing multiple projects, resulting in fewer mistakes and higher profits (Value: $159)
  • The textbooks and materials included with this program are the same as those for the 5-day Ultimate class.
  • Upgrade bonus: When you’re ready to travel to the hands-on Ultimate Concrete Countertop Training 5-day class, apply the cost of this program towards the cost of that class. You may also attend any shorter hands-on class for just the cost of materials, subject to availability. (Upgrade bonus must be applied within six months of when you start the Intensive Guided Self-Study Program.)
  • Result: Confidence. You’ll have all the tools, knowledge and support at your fingertips to run a business making high-quality concrete countertops without technical problems, without production mistakes and without callbacks, resulting in higher quality, fewer worries and maximum profits.

Package price: Pay just $1495 for all these items valued at $2216.

You must interview to be accepted into this program. The interview process is the same as for the 5-day Ultimate course.



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