Concrete Countertop Step by Step Guide


Free Step by Step Guide to Professional Tools and Materials for Making Concrete Countertops

This is your guide to understanding all the processes, tools and materials needed to produce concrete countertops and elements, in order of the production process. Each section contains a variety of articles, free videos, seminars, step-by-step instructions and more, with the aim to bring you the most comprehensive information anywhere.

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 Mix design in GFRC mix calculator

Fundamentals: Concrete Countertop Mix Design Principles

Start here! This is the fundamental technical information you need to succeed with any form of concrete. Learn the basics of concrete countertop mix design that apply to precast, GFRC and cast in place concrete countertop mixes. This page covers important priniciples such as water/cement ratio and admixtures.

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 Fluid concrete in mixer

Fundamentals: Concrete Countertop Mix Ingredients

Understand how all the mix ingredients work together in conventional concrete mixes, which ingredients you can buy at your local home center, and which specialty ingredients you really need and why.

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 GFRC backer mix

Fundamentals: GFRC Mix Ingredients

Learn how GFRC works and how the mist coat and backer coat, and all the ingredients that go into them, combine to create strong, lightweight concrete countertops.

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 GFRC backer sprayer

Equipment: GFRC Tools for Mixing and Casting

Learn which tools are most effective so that you can make the best investment, both when you’re just starting out and when you’re in production.

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 concrete countertop mixer selection

Equipment: Precast Mixers

How to select the best mixer for precast concrete countertops.

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 concrete countertop shop layout

Equipment: Basic Shop Equipment & Layout

How to lay out your shop and what equipment you need – and don’t need.

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 concrete countertop template

Step 1: Templating

How to create the essential first step to a high quality concrete countertop – an accurate template.

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Step 2: Forming and Molds

Forming (aka mold making) techniques for a variety of concrete styles, including GFRC and three-dimensional.

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 mixing concrete for countertops

Step 3: Mixing (Precast)

What order to add ingredients to the mixer, plus more important tips. (See the GFRC Mix Ingredients section above for information about mixing GFRC.)

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 casting precast concrete countertop

Step 4: Casting (Precast)

Tips for casting both stiff and fluid mixes. (See the GFRC Mix Ingredients section above for information about casting GFRC.)

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 wet curing concrete countertops

Step 5: Curing

Understanding the importance of proper curing.

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diamond pads for concrete countertops

Step 6: Processing: Diamond Pads

Learn how to select diamond pads for concrete countertops, and avoid wasting your money on pads that won’t last or won’t perform the way you want.

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planetary polisher

Step 6: Processing: Diamond Polishers

How to select and use professional grade diamond polishers.

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Step 7: Sealing

Sealers are the most important and most misunderstood topic in concrete countertops. Clear up the confusion with solid information and hard data on sealers.

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Step 8: Installation

How to safely transport slabs, then install them with the best fit and finish.

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