Using Concrete Countertops in Traditional Design

Concrete is the most custom countertop material available, offering unlimited design flexibility. This makes concrete countertops one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bath design today.

However, misconceptions abound. Concrete countertops are sometimes viewed as esoteric and finicky, appropriate only for those who want really far-out design. Nothing could be further from the truth. Concrete countertops can be any style, from French Country to Industrial, Retro to Rustic.

New Home Trends

Concrete countertops are often used in new, traditional style homes, especially European Manor style, of $500,000 and up. Typically concrete countertops in these homes are in warm earth tones reminiscent of natural stone. They provide an alternative to the hard, formal look of granite.


Traditional vanity in natural stone color with

For this vanity, the designer pulled in the darkest tile color and added a “camel-back” backsplash to provide a very traditional look.


Tuscan Creme vanity with integral sink

This powder room vanity features a veined look that contrasts beautifully with the curvy antique bronze faucet.


Concrete countertops can be color-matched to a paint, fabric or tile sample selected for a completely custom new home.

Umbria color countertop with tile sample

This ochre countertop sample with chocolate brown veining coordinates beautifully with the tile, the cabinet wood and even the knobs.


Color match of concrete to Smoky Slate paint sample

Two concrete samples were produced to coordinate with the paint color.


Concrete countertops can tie together design like no other countertop surface. For example, backsplash tiles can actually be embedded in the countertop.

Blue green glass tile embedded in white concrete countertop

Extra tiles were broken up and incorporated into the concrete countertop.


Concrete countertops are the only type of countertop that can incorporate embedements. Embedments are sometimes used in new homes to tie in design elements, such as in this Craftsman style kitchen.

Craftsman style kitchen with concrete island

This Craftsman-style kitchen has a concrete countertop on the island and granite countertops on the perimeter. The coppery color of the concrete pulls in coppery flecks in the granite as well as coordinating with the glazed backsplash tile.


Copper squares embedded in copper colored concrete countertop

Four square copper pieces were embedded in each corner of the island.


Remodeling Trends

Concrete countertops are perfect for remodeling projects because they are completely custom and easily personalized. Embedments are most commonly used in remodeling projects. Homeowners can incorporate meaningful mementos reflecting their interests.

Antique keys embedded in gray concrete countertop

This homeowner collected antique keys and displayed them throughout her rustic log cabin home.


Quarters and a penny embedded in concrete countertop

For homeowners with residences in New York and North Carolina, these coins symbolized their two states, and a penny for luck.


Concrete countertops are used in remodeling projects in a wide range of houses, from $200,000 and up. The trend in remodeling is to create a unique look that stands out from the typical granite put into higher priced homes, raising the status of the home.

Concrete also gives the homeowner something that nobody else has, since every slab is made completely from scratch just for that homeowner. People are replacing 1990s white kitchens with rich wood cabinets and concrete countertops, and even replacing “builder-grade” granite with custom concrete.

Black concrete countertops with warm oak cabinets

This remodeling project replaced white cabinets with warm oak, and used decorative stone in the island to tie together the colors in the cabinets and countertops.


Terra cotta concrete countertop

This remodeling project retained the white cabinets but replaced the white laminate countertops with pale terra cotta concrete countertops to blend perfectly with the Italian porcelain tile and the creamy yellow paint color selected for the walls.


Endless Possibilities for Traditional Design

These photos are just a few examples of the possiblities with concrete. If you are considering a new custom home or a remodeling project, consider concrete as a way to truly tie your design together, no matter what your style.