The Most Popular Colors for Concrete Countertops

By Jeffrey Girard, P.E., President, The Concrete Countertop Institute

Part of the uniqueness of concrete countertops is that they can be any color. With integral pigments, acid stains and dyes, the color possibilities are endless.

Clients love the versatility of concrete and the ability to coordinate with their décor. I’ve had clients bring in all sorts of items to color match: fabric, tile, paint chips, even a wooden pear and a burned-down candle.

Bright Blue

Here is a kitchen in bright, glossy blue to match handmade Mexican tiles. The homeowner loved bright yellow and blue.

Concrete can be made in wild colors. Here is a kitchen done in chartreuse green with aquamarine glass chips. This client had an interior designer who convinced her to tone down this kitchen. The client wanted turquoise cabinets!

RedTo the right is a bathroom in cranberry red. The kitchen and bath designer chose this color for visual impact in a clean, contemporary setting. 

These colors weren’t necessarily to my taste, but the clients loved them. However, these bright colors are a rarity.

By far the most popular color is natural gray concrete. Light cool gray, dark charcoal gray, black, tan and soft sage green are all close seconds. I have done more countertops than I can count in those colors. Here (below left) is a very nice example of a simple bathroom vanity in a very traditional home.

Grey Sample Rack

Clients love to see all the color possibilities. When they walk into my showroom, they immediately “ooh and aah” over the rainbow of colors on my sample racks (above right).

But then they invariably pick up the natural gray concrete sample and proclaim, “This is beautiful!” And concrete is beautiful, no matter what color.