DIY concrete countertop supplies kit

DIY Kit (Makes 60-80 sq ft)

From: $67.03

Level 1 - Getting Started - Electronic

Getting Started VIDEO Training Course – optional

Over 7.5 hours of live-action videos from templating to installation! Plus a step-by-step textbook and mix formula.

Pozzolan: VCAS 50-lb bag

Pozzolan - VCAS 50-lb bag



Superplasticizer - WR420 quart

viscosity modifier for concrete-countertops Fritz-Pak Slump Buster

Viscosity Modifier - Super Slump Buster


Buddy Rhodes Signature Ultrafine pigment colors

Buddy Rhodes Ultrafine Pigment – optional

See Description below for pigment dosing instructions.

This item is not available at the moment.

For about $1 per square foot, these are the essential specialty ingredients that are absolutely necessary for high-quality concrete countertops and cannot be obtained from a local home center or contractor supply store.


What’s Included


This set includes the following items:


  • Pozzolan (VCAS), one 50-lb bag
  • Superplasticzer, one 1-quart jug
  • Viscosity Modifier, one 500-gram bag
  • Buddy Rhodes Signature Series Ultrafine Pigment (optional)
  • The self-study video course is also optional, but highly recommended, for a complete explanation of these ingredients, the mix design, and 7.5 hours of live action videos of every step from templating to installation!




The first 3 ingredients will make the following quantities of concrete using the mix formula in the Level 1 Getting Started self-study video course:


  • 80 sq ft at 1.5″ thick (about 8.0 sq m at 40 mm thick)
  • 60 sq ft at 2″ thick (about 6.4 sq m at 50 mm thick)


That is typically enough for a small kitchen countertop plus a bathroom countertop. Kitchen countertops tend to be about 40 sq ft if they don’t have an island and 80 sq ft if they do, and bathroom countertops tend to be either 6 or 12 sq ft.


Pigment Dosing


The Ultrafine Pigment comes in 15 popular colors designed by Buddy Rhodes himself, in 1-lb bags designed for easy dosing. To determine how much pigment to order:


  1. Determine how many square feet/meters of countertop you are making and at what thickness.
  2. Divide that number by the appropriate conversion factors in the list below (representing the number of sq ft/m each bag of pigment will make).
  3. Round up to the next whole number.


Conversion factors:


  • For 1.5″ thick: Divide sq ft by 5.00
  • For 2″ thick: Divide sq ft by 3.75
  • For 40 mm thick: Divide sq m by 1.00
  • For 50 mm thick: Divide sq m by 0.80

Additional Information

Superplasticizer - WR420 quart

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in

1 quart, 1 gallon


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