Custom concrete countertops for an historic church library home

Don’t you just love it when an amazing opportunity falls into your lap? That’s exactly what happened to Roy Thornburg from Thorncrete Studio in Bellefonte, PA when he was contacted to create concrete countertops and window sills for a church to house renovation project.

View of the countertops in historic kitchen.

View of the countertops in historic kitchen.

The history behind this project is amazing. Built in the 1800s, the home was actually once a church. It later became the town’s library which it remained until it could no longer structurally support the weight of all those books. The town didn’t know what to do with the building so they put it up for sale. One interested buyer emerged: A buyer who wanted to purchase the church, remove the beautiful stained glass windows and demolish the building.

Stove View

Dishwasher View

The town reached out to a local man and asked him to purchase the church and save the building. He did and decided to turn the former church/library into his home. Extensive remodeling ensued, a part of which were the countertops and custom windowsills created by Roy Thornburg.

Side View

These beautiful coordinating countertops and sills are an important decorative feature in the home. The homeowner had a piece of broken tile and Roy used this to create color samples. To get the exact color the homeowner was looking for, Roy experimented with both white and gray Portland cement until he achieved the perfect hue and the homeowner was delighted.

Stained Glass

Full Window ViewThe kitchen area is comprised of six pieces and there are seven coordinating window sills throughout the house. All are GFRC with a foam core. For this project Roy used a two part epoxy sealer.

Full View

Great job on this stunning project Roy! Thank you for taking the time to share your story and your work with us.

Roy attended precast training with The Concrete Countertop Institute in 2007 and GFRC training in 2010. View Roy’s website at

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