The Ultimate Concrete Countertop Training - October 13-17

  • The technical know-how to prevent problems
  • The business systems to prevent mistakes
  • The knowledge and confidence you need to succeed

If you're a pro who wants a complete system to build a successful concrete countertop business, wants to learn from-scratch mixes, and wants to understand how and why, then you may be a candidate for the Ultimate Concrete Countertop training. Click here to read more.

Concrete countertop supplies starter kit

NEW! Concrete countertop supplies starter kit

Everything you need to equip a pro concrete countertop shop, plus enough material to make your first 175 sq ft of GFRC countertops.
One click ordering for the whole kit

Learn both how and why,
using from-scratch mixes.

Prevent problems and have the freedom to be creative on your own terms without being forced to use proprietary products.

Contractors DIYers